Launch of CoST Uganda Scoping Study provides ‘Recipe for change’

Uganda’s Minister of Works and Transport, Hon. Monica Ntege Azuba, has called the CoST Uganda Scoping Study a ‘recipe for change’ and pledged that the Ministry of Works and Transport will champion the adoption of the CoST Infrastructure Data Standard across government.  The study identified that only 30% of the data points in the CoST Infrastructure Data Standard is legally required to be disclosed and that the average amount of data that is actually disclosed by public procuring entities is 34%. Read more.

CoST El Salvador launches first CoST Assurance Report and signs Interim Disclosure Requirement

CoST El Salvador recently published the results from its first 
Assurance Report on 20 public infrastructure projects from the roads, health, energy and local development sectors. At the press conference to launch the Report, the Minister for Public Works, Gerson Martinez also signed an Interim Disclosure Requirement (IDR) that mandates the disclosure of data in the Infrastructure Data Standard (IDS) format on all Ministry projects. Read more.

CoST Honduras first to tackle PPP investments

Honduras has become the first country to apply the CoST approach to increasing transparency and accountability to public private partnerships (PPPs). Nearly 300 documents are now publicly available from PPP schemes with a combined value of $1.83bn ranging from the new $139m Palmerola International Airport, a $1.1bn container and cargo terminal at Puerto Cortés, a $369m road corridor from La Barca to La Ceiba and a bus terminal and market at Danlí. Read more.

New Malawi Public Procurement Act mandates disclosure of CoST Infrastructure Data Standard

The Malawi Parliament has approved changes to the Public Procurement Act to introduce a legal mandate for disclosing data in the CoST Infrastructure Data Standard format.  The first of its kind in Africa, the legislation will mean that all investment in public infrastructure will have to disclose data at each stage of the project cycle. 
Read more.

CoST Guatemala trains over 1200 government officials to disclose information

CoST Guatemala has recently trained over 1200 government officials in an effort to increase the amount of information that is being disclosed to the public. This follows the publication of the sixth CoST Guatemala Assurance report which highlighted that only 43% of the Infrastructure Data Standard (IDS) was being disclosed on the government's e-procurement platform Guatecompras. This was despite recent legislation that mandates the disclosure of the IDS. The report went to recommend that a training programme was required to raise the level of information disclosure. Read more.

Date Published: 22 August 2017
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