Breaking the chain in Malawi

Reflecting on International Anti-Corruption Day 2015 and its #BreakTheChain theme, CoST Malawi and other leading civil society organisations held an Anti-Corruption Symposium in December with a focus on infrastructure development.


Corruption in Malawi not only affects government operations but also has a serious impact on the quality of life for Malawians, especially amongst poor and disadvantaged members of society. Though a welcome commitment, the country’s National Anti-Corruption Strategy is fledgling since its launch in 2008. With representatives from the Eye for Development, the African Institute of Corporate Citizenship, Malawi Economic Justice Network and Kalondolondo Program, the symposium provided an opportunity to take stock of the current situation and bring citizens and stakeholders together to share best practices and forge new partnerships in the fight against corruption.

Lyford Gideon, CoST Malawi Coordinator said: “It is crucial that events such as the Anti-Corruption Symposium continue to take place in order to raise awareness of the cost of corruption within infrastructure. The symposium empowers citizens to demand accountability from their Government in providing schools, hospitals, roads and other social amenities to improve quality of life.”


To gain momentum for the discussions amongst the general public, CoST Malawi Chairperson Joe Ching’ani joined a live radio debate in advance of the Symposium on Zodiak Broadcasting Station to discuss the cost of corruption in infrastructure projects. Joe Ching’ani highlighted that the construction sector is an extremely fertile ground for corrupt activities with Malawian taxpayers paying the price.


Date Published: 2 February 2016
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