Coordinators undertake professional development

CoST Coordinators recently came to together to share experiences to help meet their professional development needs.

Participants from 11 countries gathered in London recently at a Workshop which aimed to equip them with the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to effectively manage a CoST programme. The participants benefitted from sharing lessons and experiences of managing a CoST Programme.

CoST Vietnam Coordinator, Phung van Quang said, ‘the workshop was a great opportunity to discuss the challenges and experience Coordinators face on a day to day basis. I was impressed with the progress in Guatemala where they have included the CoST disclosure requirements into law and will shortly be publishing an assurance report on 37 projects. I will be using this example when briefing the CoST Vietnam MSG on my return to Hanoi’.

CoST Programme Manager, John Hawkins said ‘its’ clear that the role of Coordinators has evolved with greater onus on engaging high level government officials, managing the assurance team, engaging the media and developing key policy recommendations. The International Secretariat will be recommending to MSGs that Coordinators should be recognised as Managers in their job title.’

The majority of the workshop content was delivered by experienced Coordinators as part of a programme to develop regional technical capacity.

CoST Policy Advisor, Bernadine Fernz said ‘the International Secretariat is looking to develop its technical capacity so that new countries to CoST can benefit from people who are experienced at establishing and implementing a CoST programme within their region. This will also help us to drive down the costs of providing technical assistance and enable us to provide even better value for money to those who support our work.’ 

Participants at the CoST coordinators workshop
Date Published: 6 October 2014
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