CoST Ethiopia publishes three assurance reports, highlighting causes of concern in the procurement process

CoST Ethiopia has published its first assurance reports, covering three projects.


The CoST assurance process interprets disclosed information to identify matters of interest or concern that could be raised with stakeholders. This enhances transparency and accountability in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of infrastructure.


The three projects disclosed by CoST Ethiopia are:

1. Afdera Abala Road Project, Contract I: Hawusewa – Abala – Irebti
(Procuring Entity: Ethiopian Roads Authority)

Located in Afar Regional State, the Afdera – Abala/Sheket road provides shortcut access between Tigray Region and the Eastern part of Afar region.The Hawusewa-Abala-Irebti Road contract involves construction of 94.00 Kilometers of road. Click here to download the report.

2. Jimma University Workshop and Laboratory Project
(Procuring Entity: Jimma University)

Jimma University is a government higher educational institution established in December 1999. The two campuses are located in Jimma city 352 km southwest of Addis Ababa with an area of 167 hectares. Click here to download the report.

3. Arjo Dedessa Irrigation Dam Project
(Procuring Entity: Ministry of Water, Irrigation, and Energy)

Arjo Dedessa Irrigation Dam Project is located in the Dedessa River Basin, in East Wellega, Illubabor and Jima administrative Zones of Oromia Regional State. Click here to download the report. Click here to download the report. 

As part of their work, the CoST Ethiopia assurance professionals have validated the completeness and accuracy of the disclosed information and identified issues of concern. Their reports highlight several key issues in terms of how the tender process was carried out and contracts awarded.


The reports make recommendations to the procuring entities (PEs) on how they can improve the delivery of their projects by developing the procurement processes. Furthermore, the assurance reports will be widely disseminated by the Multi Stakeholder Group (MSG) in order to develop accountability. CoST Ethiopia is currently in the process of disclosing 23 projects, with further assurance reports becoming available soon. 

To find out more about the work and impact of CoST Ethiopia, watch the video below.

Date Published: 12 November 2015
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