CoST Malawi projects retendered

Following the publication of CoST Malawi’s second assurance report (completed with support from the African Development Bank) highlighting extensive time and cost overruns on various public projects, a number of public contracts including Thyolo-Thekerani-Muona-Bangula Road and Zomba-Jalie-Phalombe-Chitakale Road were cancelled. A new selection process is now underway to complete the work and CoST Malawi was present at the pre-bid contractors’ meeting organised by Malawi Roads Authority to monitor developments.

Joe Ching’ani, CoST Malawi Chairman, said: “This is a momentous development for CoST Malawi and the country’s infrastructure sector. We are delighted that the government has chosen to select new contractors on two vital road projects and will support them in ensuring transparency and accountability. This process has demonstrated both the need for and the value of CoST Malawi in supporting the government, industry and civil society to attain better value from infrastructure.”

CoST Malawi has also been working with government representatives to aid the incorporation of CoST principles and standards into public legislation. On 16 November, Parliament discussed reforming the Public Procurement Act, including approval for a Formal Disclosure Requirement (FDR).  An FDR requires procuring entities to disclose data that is set out in the CoST Infrastructure Data Standard from their infrastructure projects. Stay tuned to find out more or watch CoST Malawi's new video below.

Date Published: 16 November 2015
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