CoST Zambia status revoked

In March 2017, the CoST Board informed the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development, Government of Zambia, of its decision to revoke the membership of CoST Zambia.

The Board’s decision to revoke the membership of Zambia is taken with regret. However, CoST Zambia has not demonstrated progress towards implementing CoST standards for an extended period. The Board’s decision is in line with CoST Performance Monitoring Policy which sets out procedures to manage poor performance or non-compliance, as well as assisting those countries which find themselves in the midst of political instability or conflict.

CoST Zambia was initially declared ‘inactive’ by the CoST Board in December 2015, having failed to make ‘meaningful progress’ for an extended period of time. An initial period of six months, subsequently extended to nine months, was made available to address this situation, but unfortunately meaningful progress was not restored and this led to the CoST Board’s decision to revoke CoST Zambia’s membership.

The CoST Board and International Secretariat would like to thank all those involved for their work on CoST Zambia. We commend those individuals and institutions who are working to improve transparency and accountability in Zambia and wish them good luck in all future efforts. 

Date Published: 21 June 2017
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