CoST in the Media: January - March 2018


CoST Uganda – Will 2018 – 2019 infrastructure budget address stakeholder concerns? [Comment piece] New Vision. 

CoST Honduras - CoST shows transparency in PPP projects carried out in Honduras [In Spanish] Monitor de Noticias.  

CoST Honduras - CoST presents results from Fourth Assurance Report [In Spanish] CHTV. 

CoST Honduras - CoST announces infrastructure transparency journalism awards [In Spanish] News in America.

CoST Honduras - CoST Honduras on the closure of the road fund [Television interview in Spanish] originally featured on TN5.  


CoST Afghanistan - CoST holds workshop for media and civil society organisations Bakhtar News.

CoST Uganda - Media challenged to speak out more boldly on impunity and corruption 93.3 KFM.

CoST Malawi - CoST Malawi applauds government’s decision on substandard projects Yonecofm.

CoST Ukraine - Top 10 road contracts of 2017 [Comment piece in Ukrainian] Biz NV. 

CoST Honduras - CoST Honduras celebrates first national meeting of social auditors [In Spanish] Proceso Digital. 


CoST Tanzania - Tanzania: Audit exposes appalling execution of water projects All Africa. 

CoST El Salvador - SUIP disclosure platform makes infrastructure more transparent [In Spanish] Informa TVX. 

CoST El Salvador - Ministry of Public Works participates in SUIP launch [In Spanish] El Metropolitano. 

Date Published: 3 April 2018
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