CoST Malawi at National Anti-Corruption Day

President Joyce BandaPresident Joyce Banda CoST Malawi has been catapulted to the forefront of public attention following a presentation at this year’s National Anti-Corruption Day.  The theme of the event was ‘Break the Silence: Stop Corruption’ and included a specific focus on infrastructure. The event demonstrated the crippling effects of corruption on infrastructure projects and service delivery and the effects on citizens. 

Guest of honour at the event, Malawi State President Dr, Joyce Banda called on Malawians to ‘Break the silence and stop corruption’.

In supporting this message, MSG Chair Joe Chingani said, “as a player in the industry, I cannot brush aside the perception of corruption in the construction industry. CoST Malawi is tackling this problem by ensuring basic information on public construction projects is disclosed to the public. This will allow the public to interact with procuring entities and seek clarification”.

CoST Malawi was one of the only 2 institutions invited to make a presentation at the event. This has helped the program to secure media coverage increased recognition of its efforts.

The CoST Malawi Multi-Stakeholder Group has recently appointed an Assurance Team that will be examining over 40 construction projects and highlighting issues that may be of concern to the public. 

Date Published: 12 March 2014
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