Honduras becomes first country to use CoST Infrastructure Transparency Index 

Over the past year, CoST Honduras has piloted the CoST Infrastructure Transparency Index – a tool which is adapted to national contexts and can be used to indicate how CoST and the CoST Infrastructure Data Standard have been institutionalised within countries. 

The Index sets a baseline to measure the transparency and accountability of those contracted to work on infrastructure projects (procuring entities) according to four key areas. The four areas include the core CoST components of disclosure and assurance as well as: 

The enabling environment for infrastructure transparency - determined by how countries and procuring entities provide and use tools to facilitate transparency, and how countries encourage procuring entities to adhere to legislative guidelines. 

A measure of citizenship engagement - focused on the enabling environment and mechanisms for engagement as well as the quality of engagement mechanisms. 
The results 

In Honduras the baseline was set at 84, which was based on twenty-five indicators across the four core areas. Results showed that procuring entities either met this or marked higher: 
  • Strategic Investment of Honduras (Invest-H), the body in charge of planning, administration and implementation obtained the highest score of 90.
  • The Commission for the Promotion of Public-Private Partnerships (Coalianza) scored 86.  
  • The National Port Company (ENP) scored 86. 
  • The Secretariat of Infrastructure and Public Services (Insep) and Fondo Vial, the body responsible for road repair and maintenance, met the baseline, scoring 84. 
Next steps 

The procuring entities, which have been previously included within the CoST Honduras assurance process and actively disclosing information on the online disclosure platform, SISOCS, were commended for these results at an event held by CoST Honduras.

CoST Honduras will continue to monitor the procuring entities on a monthly basis to assess any changes. Their results, alongside results from a new monitoring exercise in 2018 of procuring entities from health, education, energy and water sectors will be announced in December. 

Other country programmes from the region including, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama joined the event as part of a regional learning week. In due course these programmes will also present results from the Index used to assess CoST institutionalisation in their countries.  

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Date Published: 29 March 2018
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