Honduras sees big leap in infrastructure transparency

In January CoST Honduras published its Fourth Assurance Report, assessing the transparency of 14 infrastructure projects equating to $800 million dollars and finding that data disclosure averaged at 85.5% of the CoST Infrastructure Data Standard. The report also recorded an increase in ‘proactive disclosure’ - data disclosure given without an official request - by procuring entities of projects.  

At the launch event, adviser to the Government and member of the CoST Multi-Stakeholder Group, Alfredo Cantero commended disclosure efforts: “The latest Assurance Report shows how Government has committed to strengthening the disclosure process on infrastructure projects. In the previous assurance report proactive disclosure was at 21.6% and this has now increased to 74.4%. This is a significant jump and can be attributed, in part, to the work of CoST Honduras.”

Where to focus now? 

Whilst the increase in disclosure was welcomed by the CoST Honduras Assurance Team, the report demonstrated that there are other core areas which still need to be addressed. In all of its previous reports, CoST Honduras has called on issues in project design to be rectified. Despite previous recommendations, project contracts continue to undergo modifications during procurement and their execution highlights a serious lack of project planning, for example, one project assessed has been in operation for more than a decade. 

Another key issue concerns the limited scope of projects. Broadly speaking, citizenship participation during the project management cycle was low and road construction projects served a limited number of regions of Honduras. One major road construction projects carried out by the Road Fund extended only to 62% of municipalities (182 out of 298) in Honduras and the General Directorate of Roads only to 59% of municipalities (179 out of 298).  

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Date Published: 29 March 2018
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