Mandatory Requirement for Disclosure on PPPAA portal in Ethiopia

CoST Ethiopia has made good progress towards institutionalising CoST disclosure requirements in a series of Proclamations, Regulations and Directives, including the Ethiopian Federal Government Procurement and Property Administration Proclamation No.649/2009 and the Federal Public Procurement Directive 2010. 

The Public Procurement and Property Administration Agency (PPPAA) recently launched its newly designed web portal which requires mandatory disclosure of contract and project information by all public procuring entities.  According to the PPPAA, any works procurement equal or greater than Br10 million must be disclosed on the site within 5 days of contract award.

CoST Ethiopia has also been  delivering capacity building workshops and training programmes to procuring entities to enable effective disclosure and competent application of the web portal.  Training has been given to 14 procuring entities and 4 oversight agencies so far.  As a result of this effort 8 procuring entities have agreed to sign Memorandums of Understanding with CoST Ethiopia to formalise their commitment to disclosure.

CoST Ethiopia has also been stepping up its efforts to raise the profile of CoST in Ethiopia.  It recently participated in a 5 day exhibition organised by Grade One Contractors Association  to increase the visibility of CoST and promote the programme to wider audiences.  The exhibition was  seen by tens of thousands of people.

CoST Ethiopia has also been working closely with EITI Ethiopia, playing a key role in demonstrating that multi-stakeholder approaches can work in Ethiopia.  Their combined efforts led to the successful admission of Ethiopia as an EITI candidate in March.

Date Published: 16 April 2014
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