Monitoring the performance of CoST National Programmes

CoST's Performance Monitoring Policy came into effect on 1 April 2016 and ensures that national programmes are making progress towards implementing CoST standards, within CoST principles. The policy sets out procedures to identify good performance and manage poor performance or non-compliance, as well as assisting those countries which find themselves in the midst of political instability or conflict.

High-performing countries and their success stories will be brought to the attention of the Board, and highlighted internationally. Where poor performance is identified, an initial Board Review will help to assess what has happened and how to improve the situation through remedial action and a second Board review. Following this, the country may retain its 'participating' status or be declared as 'inactive'. If further remedial actions have not been achieved, the country's CoST status can be ‘revoked’. Where a country may not have complied with CoST principles, the Board has the option to immediately revoke a country's CoST status as well as declare them inactive. Finally, where political instability or conflict leads to a national CoST programme being deemed unable to function, the Board can declare the country inactive and monitor the situation for a period of six months before deciding on the next course of action.

In explaining the policy CoST Programme Manager, John Hawkins, said: “It is vital that CoST celebrates those countries who are setting new benchmarks in transparency and accountability in public infrastructure, and that struggling countries are given every opportunity to overcome their challenges. However ultimately, where there is not the political will or stakeholder interest to implement CoST, the Board has to take action.


The full Performance Monitoring Policy paper is available here.

Date Published: 27 April 2016
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