National institutions in Ethiopia commit to raising transparency standards in public infrastructure

CoST Ethiopia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with three Government Institutions as part of a commitment to institutionalising disclosure within Procuring Entities (PEs). Bringing together three major national transparency institutions – the Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (FEACC), the Office of the Federal Auditor General (OFAG), and the Federal Public Procurement and Property Administration Agency (FPPA) – the MoU marks a major step forward in creating a culture of transparency at national level.

The MoU will see all the major state PEs commence disclosure around the CoST IDS, in addition to three PEs in the Addis Ababa Administration (Addis Ababa City Roads Authority; Addis Ababa City Water Supply and Sewerage Authority; and, Addis Ababa City Housing Project Office). Furthermore, the MoU will ensure that disclosure of the CoST IDS via the FPPA’s website becomes an audit item.

Each representative will play a key role in ensuring the MoU’s objectives are realised. FEACC, through its prevention wing, has the ability to reach all Government institutions and engage them in raising the standards of transparency. FPPA, as a government procurement authority, is responsible for monitoring disclosure by PEs and will support the practical application of the policy. Finally, the inclusion of disclosure as an audit item by OFAG provides a strong monitoring mechanism for the effectiveness of these efforts. CoST Ethiopia will support all stakeholders to build their capacity in disclosure, monitoring and coordinating the progress of the MoU. The MoU outlines commitments over a two year period, with representatives of each institution providing regular progress updates.

Following the signing of the MoU, discussions have already commenced with Addis Ababa City Roads Authority and Addis Ababa Water Supply and Sewerage Authority regarding disclosure practices. CoST Ethiopia is also working with FPPA and FEACC as part of the upcoming Public Procurement and Property Administration Proclamation to ensure that specific articles related to public infrastructure transparency are included. This should create a greater enabling environment for the activities and commitments enshrined in the quadripartite MoU. Stay tuned for further updates from CoST Ethiopia!.

Date Published: 5 October 2016
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