Scoping study identifies need for a Government Decree to provide a secure framework for CoST Ukraine

A CoST scoping study has identified the need for a Decree of the Cabinet Ministers to provide a framework for CoST Ukraine.

The Ukraine National State Roads Agency (UAD) started the CoST Ukraine programme in November 2013. However, the recent political instability has meant progress in establishing the CoST programme has been slow.  The study felt that UAD’s commitment to greater transparency and openness in its work could be undermined by the political instability and a chronic lack of money. It also identified that unfair business practices and corruption in road construction sphere are large-scale and persistent with potential losses reaching up to 50% of the total budget for road construction and repairs.  

It is expected that the a Decree would provide the necessary high level political support that would be help to overcome these challenges and provide a secure basis for the CoST Ukraine programme.

A scoping study identifies how CoST can add value to transparency and accountability in public infrastructure by aligning CoST with existing efforts, by establishing a baseline of existing disclosure practices and by adapting its approach to the local context. Key to all of this is assessing how the political economy will influence the CoST programme.

The Ukraine Scoping Study also identified that information disclosure procedures and practices for information disclosure within UAD are sound and largely consistent with the domestic legal requirements and international practice.  But the information was not disclosed regularly or systematically. There was also no systemic and consistent mechanism of civil society monitoring of UAD’s actions and spending.  The study highlighted the role of Multi-Stakeholder Group which brings together civil society, the private sector and the government into a constructive environment to help fill this gap.  

The study also recommended the adoption of the CoST Infrastructure Data Standard for piloting on a number of projects.

The study was carried out by Adam Smith International on behalf of the International Secretariat.

Date Published: 22 July 2015
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