CoST brings infrastructure transparency expertise to Open Contracting 2017

In November CoST and partners brought together 200 influencers and innovators from government, the private sector and civil society at Open Contracting 2017 to focus on making open contracting the new norm in five years' time. CoST joined keynote panellists to open the event, facilitated sessions to address key issues such as mitigating challenges in using data to drive change and made ambitious pledges to progress open contracting in infrastructure. Read More.

The full CoST impact explained at infrastructure governance roundtable

CoST participated in Africa’s first roundtable on infrastructure governance. Held in November, the event brought together 27 African governments and other participants to focus on how Africa’s infrastructure deficit can be filled through better infrastructure planning and governance. Presenting at the event, Chair of the CoST Board, Mr Chrik Poortman stressed the importance of creating environments of accountability and transparency, as CoST does, which has benefits not just in monetary terms, but on lives, systems and trust built between policy makers, private industry and citizens. Read More.
Malawi launches key tools to aid disclosure and accountability 

In December CoST Malawi launched two key tools to promote infrastructure data disclosure and accountability. The first was an online disclosure platform, using the same model as the highly successful Honduras portal, SISOCS. The second was its fourth Assurance Report, which discloses data on 33 projects procured from three regions of Malawi. The launch event was attended by the Ministry of Transport and Public Works and representatives from other government bodies, industry and civil society who heard more on the importance and key aspects of these tools. Read More.
CoST Ukraine supports World Road Association Congress on road sector management

In September CoST Ukraine Country Manager, Ms Natalie Forsyuk presented at the World Road Association (PIARC). In her presentation she outlined the vulnerability of Ukraine’s road sector to mismanagement and corruption using examples from two major road projects assessed by CoST Ukraine, and she outlined what can be done to address such issues. After the meeting, at the request of PIARC, Ms Forsyuk joined its Technical Committee on Transport to further its work on efficient road sector management. Read more

Regional Manager Positions - Africa and Asia 

CoST is seeking two enthusiastic individuals to join its growing team as Regional Managers for Africa and Asia. The roles will support in-country partners with implementation, advocacy and learning to advance the initiative in the regions. Read more
Bringing data disclosure closer to citizens: CoST El Salvador launches new platform to capture infrastructure information  

In October CoST El Salvador launched the 'Single Information System on Public Infrastructure', an online platform which ensures that infrastructure project data is made readily available and is understood by citizens. Read more.  

The Philippines and Vietnam participation in CoST concludes

The Philippines and Vietnam have recently informed CoST of their withdrawal from the initiative. Both were involved in the CoST pilot, but have experienced difficulty in rolling out the CoST approach. Read more.
Date Published: 29 January 2018
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