CoST working with stakeholders in Latin America

CoST recently held a regional workshop in Lima to support Latin American countries to strengthen transparency and accountability in the delivery of public infrastructure.

With over 50 participants from across Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama and Peru, high-level policy makers and civil society leaders worked together to develop better value from infrastructure.

The national governments attending were very positive about the benefits that CoST could bring to their infrastructure sector, with the government of Costa Rica even redrafting text of a new piece of legislation specifically to incorporate CoST principles and standards. CoST will continue to work with participants to support them in introducing CoST in their respective countries and engaging stakeholders. Read more.

Open Government is essential to delivering better value from resilient infrastructure

Last month saw the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), central to which is building resilient infrastructure. However with an estimated 10-30% of investment in infrastructure lost through mismanagement and corruption, a change of approach based on Open Government principles is essential to delivering well planned, well built and well maintained infrastructure.

In our latest blog for Open Government Partnership (OGP), we encourage other OGP countries to follow their lead and help deliver resilient infrastructure that helps change lives. Read more.

From Mexico City to St. Petersburg and Seoul: Raising awareness of CoST

CoST has been invited around the world recently to discuss delivering better value from infrastructure. Starting off in Mexico City at the Open Government Partnership Summit, CoST Chair Chrik Poortman joined a high-level panel to debate the application of open governance to sustainability objectives. CoST Executive Director Petter Matthews then discussed making public procurement public at a side session of the sixth Conference of the States Parties to the UN Convention against Corruption in St. Petersburg. Finally Professor George Ofori, CoST Deputy Chair, presented CoST at the World Road Congress in Seoul as a means of mitigating corruption in infrastructure. Read more

Rooting out impunity and strengthening integrity in the construction sector: CoST at IACC 2015

As part of the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) 2015, CoST hosted a panel debate with representatives from industry, government and civil society. Drawing on lessons from CoST national programmes and the World Bank’s Open Contracting Programme, the discussion produced practical suggestions on rooting out impunity and strengthening integrity that have been circulated amongst those who could potentially put them into practice. Read more.

CoST Ethiopia highlights causes of concern in the procurement process

CoST Ethiopia has recently published assurance reports on three projects. The reports highlight several key issues in terms of how the tender process was carried out and contracts awarded.

Recommendations are provided to procuring entities on how they can improve the delivery of their projects, with the reports now being widely disseminated in order to promote accountability. Read more.

CoST Ukraine signs MoU in Kiev

Details of the ‘CoST Ukraine’ initiative have been agreed in a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Andriy Pivovarsky (Ministry of Infrastructure), Andrew Batishchev (Ukravtodor, State Road Agency) and Petter Matthews (CoST International Secretariat). Andriy Pivovarsky, Minister of Infrastructure, said "CoST is central to our reform efforts which are aimed at improving the efficiency of infrastructure investments." CoST Ukraine will initially work with Ukravtodor to publicly disclose information on four investments. Read more.

CoST Malawi projects retendered

Following the publication of CoST Malawi’s second assurance report (completed with support from the African Development Bank) highlighting extensive time and cost overruns on various public projects, a number of public contracts including Thyolo-Thekerani-Muona-Bangula Road and Zomba-Jalie-Phalombe-Chitakale Road were cancelled.

A new selection process is now underway to complete the work and CoST Malawi was present at the pre-bid contractors’ meeting organised by Malawi Roads Authority to monitor developments. CoST Malawi has also been working with government representatives to aid the incorporation of CoST principles and standards into public legislation. Yesterday, Parliament discussed reforming the Public Procurement Act, including approval for a Formal Disclosure Requirement (FDR). Read more.
Date Published: 15 January 2016
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