CoST in Southeast Asia

Strengthening public infrastructure transparency in the region

Funded by the UK Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), CoST is collaborating with stakeholders across Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam to explore how the initiative, its principles and tools can strengthen the environment for public infrastructure investment transparency.

The new project draws on last year’s successful collaboration with the FCO in Latin America to introduce CoST to six countries in the region. CoST worked closely with stakeholders on the ground with key results including the membership of Costa Rica and Panama to CoST.

All stakeholders benefit when public infrastructure investment is transparent and accountable. Through this project, CoST will determine current levels of public infrastructure transparency and accountability in the four target countries and assess the extent to which CoST can improve the situation. For the CoST countries of Thailand and Vietnam, the project will explore how the initiative can best focus its efforts to strengthen its existing impact; whilst in Indonesia and Malaysia, CoST will consider if and how it could contribute to the national drives for greater transparency.

Running until March 2017, the project comprises three key components:

  • Four targeted country studies to assess the current situation regarding public infrastructure transparency and accountability nationally, feeding into an overall regional study to explore the extent to which CoST can add value.

  • A bespoke regional workshop to share the study findings with a targeted multi-stakeholder group drawn from government, private sector and civil society in order to incentivise action. 

  • CoST countries of Thailand and Vietnam will be supported to deliver high impact, action-based activities to strengthen the initiative on the ground including the development of a disclosure platform in Thailand and high-level strategy meetings in Vietnam.

Bernadine Fernz, CoST Lead Advisor for the project, said: “We are delighted to be working with the FCO again to boost transparency in public infrastructure investment. We have long been active in the region, with Vietnam being a CoST pilot country and Thailand applying CoST to the first ever mega project. However, given the region’s exponential rise in infrastructure investment over the past few years, it is exciting to have the opportunity to work on the ground with stakeholders and identify how infrastructure investments can be supported through good governance to realise their full potential.”

The project’s findings will be shared widely across stakeholders, with the results also being used to support existing CoST countries. Stay tuned for updates from the project by following @CoSTransparency and #ASEANCoST.


Date Published: 30 March 2017
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