CoST in Southeast Asia: From research to action

Indonesia team wins prize for best Action Plan at the workshopHosted by the UK Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), CoST International brought high-level stakeholders from across Southeast Asia together in Bangkok to develop targeted strategies for achieving greater transparency and accountability in public infrastructure. Following the publication of four country studies exploring the issue in-depth, multi-stakeholder representatives from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam collaborated at the regional workshop to explore how to turn research into action.

On behalf of the FCO, Jonathan Turner, Southeast Asia Regional Director – Economic and Trade Policy, welcomed participants and noted that CoST can improve efficiency of spending and deliver better value for money. Chunhachit Sungmai, Advisor of Fiscal and Financial System Development within the Comptroller General's Department, also provided opening remarks in which she proclaimed that Thailand was proud to be a member of CoST.

Through bespoke sessions, government, industry and civil society representatives from across the four countries explored CoST’s experiences to date and discussed the potential options for complementing and adding value to existing transparency and accountability efforts in their countries.

New research from CoST Country Studies in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam highlighted that there is an existing framework for infrastructure transparency in the region. However, the studies note that there is room for improvement in terms of both the requirements for and compliance with legal transparency requirements. Guided by the findings, participants identified specific actions from high-level meetings with Prime Ministers’ offices to public events and pilot projects, through which to drive transparency efforts forward within public infrastructure. Given both their creativity and commitment, the delegation from Indonesia were awarded first place for the most innovative Action Plan by CoST International.

Seeking sustainable impact, CoST will continue to work with participants to support their actions in strengthening good governance in public infrastructure. Stay tuned for further updates, including the development of a new interactive disclosure platform by CoST Thailand to open up data in Thai public infrastructure!

For further information and to download the country studies, please click here. For the latest information on CoST in Southeast Asia, follow @CoSTransparency and #ASEANCoST.

Date Published: 30 March 2017
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