National institutions in Ethiopia commit to raising transparency standards

CoST Ethiopia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with three Government Institutions as part of a commitment to institutionalising disclosure within Procuring Entities (PEs). Bringing together three major national transparency institutions – Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (FEACC), the Office of the Federal Auditor General (OFAG), and the Federal Public Procurement and Property Administration Agency (FPPA) – the MoU marks a major step forward in creating a culture of transparency at national level. Read more here.

CoST El Salvador: Bringing ethics into infrastructure

CoST El Salvador has launched a brand new free training programme to support stakeholders in delivering better value public infrastructure. Entitled “Ethics, Transparency and Corruption in Public Infrastructure Projects”, the training programme seeks to drive ethical and democratic practices in public infrastructure investment and delivery. The training highlighted the role all stakeholders must play in improving current public infrastructure processes and demonstrated the potential value of increasing transparency. Read more here.

From Lilongwe to Tegucigalpa: CoST countries working together to strengthen transparency

CoST Honduras hosted CoST Malawi in Tegucigalpa for a peer-exchange programme to share insights from their experience with a focus on SISOCS, the sub-portal for public infrastructure disclosure. Joe Ching'ani, CoST Malawi MSG Chairperson, said: “When political support is guaranteed, advocating for transparency in construction matters can do anything including unveiling new innovations.” Read more here.

Why we need sector-specific open data standards

The international Open Data Charter provided a breakthrough moment for aligning data standards. As an initiative that seeks to increase transparency in public infrastructure through our own open data standard, CoST wholeheartedly supports this drive for effective coordination. However, we believe there needs to be greater acknowledgement in the open data community of the value gained by having sector-specific initiatives. Sector-specific open data standards can increase applicability, respond to sectoral challenges and enhance general standards. Read more here.

Quantity and quality of infrastructure is grounded in good governance

As a vital component of survival, growth and prosperity, infrastructure received prominence in the discussions of the G20 Summit hosted by China. CoST welcomes this focus on infrastructure, especially in light of a global infrastructure investment gap that is approaching US$1 trillion each year. However though we support the commitment to promoting “investment with focus on infrastructure in terms of both quantity and quality”, we believe there is not significant recognition of the role of good governance in realising these ambitions. Read more here.

Date Published: 23 May 2017
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