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Despite the importance of corruption as an issue affecting the construction sector, there is limited research and evidence available to explain the phenomenon.  The resources collected below represent a introductory small selection of the kind of work that has been done in this area.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the CoST Secretariat should you require additional resources or would like to investigate a specific query. 

The Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre
This website provides an excellent repository of resources to assist in the understanding, identification and prevention of corruption in the infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors

World Bank Paper: Corruption and Transparency in Construction

This paper reviews the evidence from the construction and other sectors that improved transparency - especially when combined with oversight - can improve development outcomes through its impact on the quality of governance. It was written by Charles Kenny of the World Bank.

Transparency International: Focus on the Construction Sector
Transparency International has published several resources addressing the issue of corruption in the construction sector, which it believes to be the worst affected industry globally.

  • To compare levels of corruption in construction with other sectors, please have a look at TI’s Bribe Payers Index.
  • Download and read TI’s full report on corruption in the construction sector here.

Transparency & Accountability Initiative: Synthesis Report
This report examines the evidence available on the impact and effectiveness of transparency and accountability initiatives in five sectors: public service delivery; budget processes; freedom of information; natural resource governance and donor aid. It provides valuable insights about the approaches used, their strengths and weaknesses, the methodological challenges faced and the institutional and political factors that shape the impact

DFID Systematic Review: Assessing Anti-Corruption Policy 

This DFID commissioned systematic review provides a comprehensive and very useful overview of various anti-corruption policies and attempts to assess their relative effectiveness. Although not specific to the construction sector, it is a valuable resource for information to enhance the impact of CoST’s disclosure achievements.

Case Study: Anti-Corruption Initiatives in the Philippines

The Philippines was one of the first countries to start piloting CoST, building on 19 years’ experience in fighting corruption in the sector. The CoST International Secretariat tendered a study into this long experience to inform the local programme.

Case Study: Public Contracting in Colombia

Colombia is not a CoST pilot country but this interesting note documents one country's attempts to stop corruption and the scandals that ensued, and illustrates the extent to which corruption can take place despite efforts to stop it
Date Published: 11 December 2013
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