Political Endorsement

CoST has a received a number of high profile endorsements.

The G20 Cannes Summit Final Declaration supported CoST and 'increased transparency in the construction sector' in the fight against corruption.

The Multilateral Development Banks Infrastructure Action Plan recommends the scaling up of CoST by incoporating new countries and deepening CoST’s disclosure routines within existing countries.

The UK House of Commons International Development Select Committee supported CoST in it's report into DFID's Role in Building Infrastructure in Developing Countries. The all party committee stated that the 'Initiative has proved effective' and 'shown success in boosting transparency and accountability in the delivery of infrastructure'.

The UK Government has committed to considering the options for embedding the use of CoST or similar means of reporting on outturn performance by autumn 2013 as part of its first Infrastructure Cost Review.
Date Published: 11 December 2013
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