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National institutions in Ethiopia commit to raising transparency standards

CoST Ethiopia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with three Government Institutions as part of a commitment to institutionalising disclosure within Procuring Entities (PEs). Bringing together three major national transparency institutions – Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (FEACC), the Office of the Federal Auditor General (OFAG), and the Federal Public Procurement and Property Administration Agency (FPPA) – the MoU marks a major step forward in creating a culture of transparency at national level. Read more  

CoST El Salvador: Bringing ethics into infrastructure

CoST El Salvador has launched a brand new free training programme to support stakeholders in delivering better value public infrastructure. Entitled “Ethics, Transparency and Corruption in Public Infrastructure Projects”, the training programme seeks to drive ethical and democratic practices in public infrastructure investment and delivery. Read more  

From Lilongwe to Tegucigalpa: CoST countries working together to strengthen transparency

CoST Honduras hosted CoST Malawi in Tegucigalpa for a peer-exchange programme to share insights from their experience with a focus on SISOCS, the sub-portal for public infrastructure disclosure. Joe Ching'ani, CoST Malawi MSG Chairperson, said: “When political support is guaranteed, advocating for transparency in construction matters can do anything including unveiling new innovations.” Read more  

Spot an infrastructure issue? Text CoST Malawi!

CoST Malawi has created an innovative SMS platform to provide citizens with a real-time reporting mechanism for infrastructure issues affecting their local areas. Launched in late May, Malawians can now text the toll-free SMS number 576 to log details of any infrastructure projects, such as roads and schools, where they have concerns with its delivery. The service covers everything from delays in project commencement and changes in project proposals to failures in safety requirements. The number provides a lifeline for citizens to ensure that the services their taxes pay for are delivered efficiently and effectively. Read more  

Government of Honduras commits to acting on recommendations from CoST Honduras Assurance Report

The Minister of Infrastructure, Roberto Ordoñez, has praised CoST Honduras for increasing transparency and accountability within national public infrastructure and committed to implementing CoST’s recommendations. The announcement was made as part of a series of events organised by CoST Honduras to launch its second Assurance Report; CoST Assurance has increased transparency in the country, improving disclosure rates on projects sampled from 24 to 97 per cent overall. Read more  

British Embassy in El Salvador supports CoST El Salvador to increase transparency in public infrastructure

The British Embassy in El Salvador has officially joined the CoST El Salvador Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) as an Observer member to support the programme in increasing transparency and accountability in public infrastructure. The British Embassy has long championed the initiative on the ground and their membership to the MSG marks a formalisation of this partnership. Read more  

CoST Malawi workshops spark media demand for transparency

Across the cities of Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre, CoST Malawi recently held a series of training workshops for government, the media and civil society representatives. The workshops were aimed at reinforcing demand and supply of information on public infrastructure projects. With a focus on the CoST Infrastructure Data Standard (IDS), the workshops highlighted the data that government officials should disclose and how this disclosure can be used to demand accountability. Read more  

CoST Honduras agreement with transparency commissions fuels demand for citizen involvement

CoST Honduras has signed an agreement with 90 citizen transparency commissions to increase transparency and accountability in public infrastructure. As part of the agreement CoST Honduras will share information on infrastructure data and assurance, in addition to providing workshop training on SISOCS, a subsystem of the national e-procurement portal. SISOCS allows citizens to access information on the construction, supervision and maintenance of public infrastructure, such as road networks. It is an excellent example of CoST being used in the everyday management of public infrastructure, enabling users to understand the physical and financial progress of a project. Read more  

CoST Ukraine works with government to develop disclosure system

In February, CoST Ukraine provided a training event for government officials, in partnership with the World Bank. The event was opened by Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan and aimed to overcome perceptions that CoST might be a punitive system for government employees. There were representatives from 24 regional road authorities and Ukravtodor, the central office, in attendance. Read more  

CoST Country Managers: Working together to strengthen capacity

CoST Country Managers came together for a four-day training workshop in London to build capacity and support shared learning. Covering four continents, CoST Country Managers have a wealth of knowledge around both the best practices for and challenges of working with stakeholders to deliver better value from public infrastructure. The workshop sessions were therefore designed to provide guidance from the Secretariat, whilst facilitating the exchange of experiences across countries to develop new approaches. Read more  

Monitoring the performance of CoST National Programmes

CoST's Performance Monitoring Policy came into effect on 1 April 2016 and ensures that national programmes are making progress towards implementing CoST standards, within CoST principles. The policy sets out procedures to identify good performance and manage poor performance or non-compliance, as well as assisting those countries which find themselves in the midst of political instability or conflict. Read more  

Lack of transparency in public infrastructure data is a key concern in latest assurance report from CoST Guatemala

CoST Guatemala has published its fifth assurance report, featuring analysis of over thirty public sector infrastructure projects across roads, water, sanitation, schools, hospitals, municipal buildings, sports facilities and parks. A key finding from the report is that time overruns were found in all case studies, often due to mismanagement. The report provides several recommendations and has been widely circulated amongst stakeholders, including a launch event covered by El Periodico in Spanish. Read more  

Lessons from Seoul: Strengthening transparency and accountability

Last month Petter Matthews, Executive Director of CoST, delivered a keynote speech at an international workshop for public construction transparency organised by the UNDP, Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Taking place in Seoul, the workshop utilised the capital’s Clean Construction System (CCS) as an initial reference point before drawing best practice examples from CoST and other international actors. Read more  

New reports highlight the potential of CoST

Those on the ground believe CoST’s strength is its ability to “get simple information to the public…[and] reduce corruption in construction” whilst the international donor community “see CoST’s unique focus on transparency in infrastructure as filling an important gap”. These are the findings from reports published this month into the value and potential of CoST. Read more  

New funding and MSG members announced at CoST Tanzania AGM

During the latest CoST Tanzania AGM, it was announced that the Africa Open Data Collaboration Fund (AODC) has awarded the national programme US$15,000. CoST Tanzania will design tools for CSOs operating at sub-national level to monitor procurement and implementation of infrastructure projects in education and health.  Read more

Breaking the chain in Malawi

Reflecting on International Anti-Corruption Day 2015 and its #BreakTheChain theme, CoST Malawi and other leading civil society organisations held an Anti-Corruption Symposium in December with a focus on infrastructure development. The Symposium brought citizens and stakeholders together to highlight the true cost of corruption in construction. Read more

Growing CoST globally: Changing infrastructure delivery to change lives

International development consultancy IMC Worldwide will conduct a strategic review of Construction Sector Transparency Initiative (CoST). Launched in 2012, 15 countries now participate in CoST. The review will explore how the initiative can increase its impact to support communities worldwide. Read more  

CoST Malawi projects retendered

Following the publication of CoST Malawi’s second assurance report (completed with support from the African Development Bank) highlighting extensive time and cost overruns on various public projects, a number of public contracts including Thyolo-Thekerani-Muona-Bangula Road and Zomba-Jalie-Phalombe-Chitakale Road were cancelled. A new selection process is now underway to complete the work and CoST Malawi was present at the pre-bid contractors’ meeting organised by Malawi Roads Authority to monitor developments. Read more  

From Mexico City to St. Petersburg and Seoul: Raising awareness of CoST 

CoST has been around the world recently discussing how to deliver better value from infrastructure. We have compiled our highlights from the Open Government Partnership Global Summit 2015 (27-29 October, Mexico), Conference of the States Parties to the UN Convention Against Corruption (2-6 November, Russia) and the World Road Congress (2-6 November, South Korea). Read more  

Rooting out impunity and strengthening integrity in the construction sector: CoST at IACC 2015

CoST hosted a panel debate entitled ‘Rooting out impunity and strengthening integrity in the construction sector’ at the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in Putrajaya, Malysia. Read more 

CoST Ethiopia publishes three assurance reports, highlighting causes of concern in the procurement process

Following their support to Procuring Entities (PEs) in disclosing data, the first assurance reports have now been published by CoST Ethiopia highlighting key issues in terms of how the tender process was carried out and contracts awarded. Read more

CoST workshop in Lima to develop transparency in Latin America

From 22-23 October, the Comptroller General's Office of the Republic of Peru hosted a CoST regional workshop in Lima to support Latin American countries in strengthening transparency and accountability in the delivery of public infrastructure. Read more

CoST Ukraine officially launched in Kiev

On 20 October 2015, details of the ‘CoST Ukraine’ initiative were agreed in a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Andriy Pivovarskii (Ministry of Infrastructure), Andrew Batishchev (Ukravtodor, State Road Agency) and Petter Matthews (CoST International Secretariat). Read more

Six month saving in construction time brings benefits to Ethiopian farmers

In a new CoST film, Deputy Director the Ethiopian Roads Authority has confirmed a six month saving in construction time on the Gindeber to Gobensa road, bringing the benefits to the rural community earlier than expected. Read more

Five lessons from CoST for new Global Infrastructure Forum

In our latest blog, International Secretariat Executive Director and Board Member, Petter Matthews highlights five lessons for the new Global Infrastructure Forum that can help to deliver better value for money from infrastructure investment. The Forum was announced at the Third International Conference on Financing for Development. Read more

CoST Honduras first assurance report highlights increase in transparency

This item was submitted by our CoST Honduras colleagues.

CoST Honduras recently presented the results of it first assurance process at an event attended by more than 120 invited representatives of government, private sector, civil society, international cooperation and media. Read more

El primer estudio de aseguramiento de CoST Honduras pone de relieve  el aumento en la transparencia. Leer más

Scoping study identifies need for a Government Decree to provide a secure framework for CoST Ukraine

A CoST scoping study has identified the need for a Decree of the Cabinet Ministers to provide a framework for CoST Ukraine.

The Ukraine National State Roads Agency (UAD) started the CoST Ukraine programme in November 2013. However, the recent political instability has meant progress in establishing the CoST programme has been slow.  Read more

CoST Malawi unveils ambitious new Business Plan

CoST Malawi recently unveiled its new three year Business Plan that will run from 2015 to 2018 at a ceremony attended by CoST Champion and Vice President, Saulos Chilima, the CoST Malawi Multi-Stakeholder Group and Development Partners’ representatives.  Read more

Date Published: 26 March 2015
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