Six month saving in construction time brings benefits to Ethiopian farmers

In a new CoST film, Deputy Director the Ethiopian Roads Authority has confirmed a six month saving in construction time on the Gindeber to Gobensa road, bringing the benefits to the rural community earlier than expected.

Previously, CoST confirmed a $3.5m cost saving following a redesign of a section of the road. The redesign was prompted by a CoST Ethiopia Assurance Report that highlighted significant overpricing in the budget. However, the saving in construction time was unknown until now.

A local framer, Yeshibelay Gebrewold explains how the road has brought benefits to the local community by bringing the market and local hospital closer to them. He states ‘after harvesting it is just easy to go to the market and come back soon with the money in hand.’

CoST Ethiopia MSG Chair, Eyasu Yimer explains what that cost saving could mean if invested into a different project. “It can build a two block school that may allow 500 students to attend class. That’s the kind of benefit that CoST may bring”.

This film follows two earlier films on CoST Guatemala and the CoST International Programme. Each film has demonstrated how greater transparency and accountability in public infrastructure can bring benefits to local communities.

Date Published: 22 July 2015
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