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Malawi and Zambia MSG workshop
CoST Malawi & Zambia Multi-stakeholder Groups Lesson Sharing Workshop

CoST provides a number of different opportunities for you to participate. The ‘Multi-Stakeholder Groups’ or ‘MSGs’ provide a neutral and constructive space for representatives from government, private sector and civil society to work together to achieve CoST’s goals.

The multi-stakeholder approach is voluntary - stakeholders join out of their own choice, and action is motivated by cooperation. Consensus-based decision making processes are used to reach solutions to conflicting interests and ensure joint agreement on outcomes. The multi-stakeholder approach empowers all stakeholders through balanced representation, effective communication, objective credibility and targeted conflict management.


Each Multi-Stakeholder Group has a key role in ensuring that CoST is a success within a participating country. Thus if you work in government, the private sector or civil society you could potentially have an important roles such as a representative on the Multi-Stakeholder Group or as CoST ambassador within your organisation. Please click on the relevant tab above to find out more.

If you believe your country could benefit from Joining CoST, please see our guidance on how you can go about this. If you are employed by a private sector company, or employed or volunteer for a civil society organisation, you can get involved by becoming a CoST Supporter.

Date Published: 9 December 2013
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