Joining CoST


Prior to joining CoST is an engagement period. It involves informal engagement and assessment based on local circumstances with the CoST International Secretariat. The country wishing to join will focus on information gathering, and learning about CoST, as well as gauging the level of interest in that country for the international programme.  

Joining CoST

If a country decides they wish to join CoST as a participating country, they should submit the following to the CoST Board:

1. A letter from a government office or an alternative organisation with government endorsement, indicating:
  • Desire to enhance transparency and accountability in the construction sector, and to adopt CoST principles;
  • Public announcement of intent to implement the programme;
  • Intent to engage with the private sector and civil society as part of the programme;
  • Initial commitment of at least one infrastructure procuring entity to participate;
  • Commitment to liaise and share information with the CoST Board and International Secretariat.

2. An implementation plan, indicating:

  • Administrative arrangements, including an official contact for coordination with the international programme;
  • Schedule for key activities;
  • Budget and financing plan.


This begins once the CoST Board has agreed that a country can become a CoST participating country. The first step will involve gaining agreement from stakeholder groups on implementing CoST and establishing a Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) and a National Secretariat. A scoping study will usually be commissioned so that CoST can be adapted to the local context, and to provide data for measuring progress.

During implementation, the participating procuring entities disclose the infrastructure Data Standard on their infrastructure projects and respond to any reactions or requests for information. An assurance team employed by the MSG monitors compliance with the Infrastructure Data Standard and highlights issues of concern to the public. Periodic monitoring and reporting tracks progress in the programme and evaluates results.

The aspiration for participating countries is to achieve sustainable operations. This is reached when the disclosure of the Infrastructure Data Standard is integrated into formal government systems.

Further guidance on joining CoST is available from 
Resources section.

Date Published: 9 December 2013
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