Ukraine Minister of Infrastructure announces record infrastructure investment in 2018 and calls on local administrations to use CoST disclosure platform

In February CoST Ukraine took part in an extended briefing with the Minister of Infrastructure, Mr Volodymyr Omelyan who announced that over UAH 86 billion (USD$ 2.6 billion) would be invested in the development of Ukraine’s infrastructure in 2018. This investment would be allocated to projects including large-scale road restoration, road safety programmes, port and digital infrastructure developments as well as adopting a five year road development plan. 

“This is not an abstract figure - it is taxpayers’ funds. And we have to report to society for every hryvnia spent," said Mr Omelyan. “Three years ago, the Ministry joined the CoST Initiative to ensure accountability in road sector projects. Today, regional road services provide information on road repair projects in accordance with international standards and information has been made available on more than 1000 projects for highway repair and reconstruction overseen by the State Road Agency of Ukraine. This is a great change.”

CoST Ukraine, represented by Country Manager, Natalie Forsyuk, was just one of five external representatives who was invited to the briefing. Others included major contractors of infrastructure projects representing: the State Road Agency of Ukraine, Ukrainian Railways, Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority and the Ukrainian Postal Service. 

CoST Ukraine Public Portal - improving the efficiency and accessibility of infrastructure data 

Ahead of the briefing CoST Ukraine presented the Ukraine CoST Public Portal which is currently being developed. The Platform provides a central unit to pull together and translate complex information on infrastructure projects so that it is easy to understand and readily available to civil society, the media and the public. By storing all project information in one place, problems which typically arise due to long project implementation and multiple contractors working on projects can be mitigated. The developments will also allow the system to incorporate data from Ukraine’s existing and highly successful procurement platform, Prozorro.  

CoST Ukraine Public PortalMr Omelyan has demonstrated his support to the Platform and has called for those contracted to carry out projects - the procuring entities - to use it to disclose information. This call has been particularly targeted at local administrative units (Ukraine’s Oblasts) who took over ownership of Ukraine’s roads in January as a decentralisation process began with approximately 120,000 km of roads transferred from state to local administrative units.  

Mr Omelyan recommended that the heads of Ukraine’s 24 administrative units join the platform and stated, "Following the decentralisation of roads, the spread of transparency standards on local roads is an extremely important step for gaining confidence from citizens and business." 

The Minister has also followed this up by written request to all administrative units. Since then CoST Ukraine has been able to connect with some of these authorities to move towards signing a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure their commitment to disclosure on the platform. 

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Date Published: 29 March 2018
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