CoST Zambia was declared ‘inactive’ by the CoST Board on 9th December 2015. A record of the decision can be found here. Details of the policy that provides the basis for the decision can be found here.

A CoST programme is declared inactive when it has failed to make ‘meaningful progress’ for an extended period of time. CoST Zambia was declared inactive for an initial period of six months. It has an opportunity during that period to restore meaningful progress. If at the end of the period, or an extended period should the Board grant it, meaningful progress has not been restored, Zambia’s CoST status could be revoked.

Overview of transparency in the construction sector

Department of Public Buildings where a 41% cost increase was identified by the Assurance TeamZambia's GDP is around $11 billion with construction industry activity contributes around 7.5% of that total in real terms. Transparency requirements are limited to meeting the Public Procurement Act 2008 requirements to disclose information on the tender process and contract award. However, procuring entities often do not understand the current legal requirements for the disclosure of project information. As a result they fail to meet the legal requirements.


Three procuring entities participated in the pilot phase: Ministry of Education (MoE), Buildings Departments (BD), and Road Development Agency (RDA). The Zambian Roads Agency was particularly keen to participate as it sought to improve its reputation following a critical report by the Zambian Auditor General that alleged the misappropriation of $250m.


The assurance process highlighted issues for concern through the project cycle, particularly the absence of budgets, the tender evaluation process and contract implementation where payment issues occurred on 11 projects. It also highlighted considerable cost overruns such as 41% cost increase due to a change in cladding on the construction of offices for Department of Buildings. The legal limit for a cost increase is 25%.


The Zambian MSG organised pre-disclosure roadshows in Lusaka, Livingstone and Moshi which aimed to inform stakeholders of the CoST projects in their area. A well-attended disclosure launch event was then held where the 17 Assurance Team Reports were published.

The Zambian MSG is now looking to scale-up disclosure of project information from publicly funded construction projects with each procuring entities who participated in the pilot and with two new procuring entities. It is also looking to follow-up on the success of pre-disclosure roadshows held during the pilot with further roadshows across Zambia.


CoST Zambia is directed by an MSG that comprises representatives from Ministry of Works and Supply, Anti-Corruption Commission, Office of the Auditor General, Zambia Bureau of Standards, National Council for Construction, Zambia Institute of Architects, Association for Building and Civil Engineering Contractors, Law Association of Zambia, Civil Society for Poverty Reduction and Transparency International Zambia and the Zambia Public Procurement Authority. Transparency International Zambia holds the Chairmanship of the MSG and the National Council for Construction provides the Secretariat support.


Mrs. Wendy Nambule Makupe

CoST Zambia Coordinator

For further information including the Assurance Team Reports, please visit the CoST Zambia website.

Date Published: 11 December 2013
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